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AAN’s Equine Series is the equine supplement you should consider to take your team to the next level, whether it is for enjoyment or for competitive events, AAN has what your horse needs.
Our products have been used by countless of South Africa’s top show-jumping competitors and teams, and the results have been spectacular! Our AAN products have revolutionised their events… using AAN’s Ultra-Calm to reduce excitement and anxiety before an event, while AAN’s Amino Blend provides a comprehensive formula to allow your horse to prepare before events, and recover during or after events.

AAN Equine : Advanced Animal Nutrition’s Equine Series:
Only quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients
We source only quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, not animal grade ingredients. If it isn’t good enough for the rider, how can it be good enough for the horse!
Each formulation using correct dosages
Efficacy – this means we use the correct prescribed dosage of the active ingredient in the product, for maximum performance and effect.
No fillers & no banned substances
No fillers! Our products are packed full of quality ingredients at the right dosages, so that you are getting the best quality and value for your money, for every serving you use.
Products providing performance and recovery
Unique formulations and multi-function and multi-action products. Not only do we supply you the single line ingredient for your horse’s repair, recovery or performance… we also have combination products that simultaneously provide performance and recovery.

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