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Atlanta Complex, Unit 50, George Street, Western Cape

As an artist I try to connect the audience with horses to show them what amazing animals horses are. Mankind’s history was built on the horse’s back and they have played a very important role in shaping of our world. Having spent most of my life with horses, both recreationally and professionally, I have come to know my subject matter in detail . I find that it is this intimate connection with horses that has shaped my art and given it a life of its own. My art style vary from being realistic to being more colorful and abstract. I enjoy being able to vary my styles as it keeps me on my toes and it provides ample room for my art to develop.

Ankia Joubert Art showcases the artwork of equine artist Ankia Joubert.

This page showcases all the art work that Ankia Joubert is currently working on as well as work that has been completed. Feel free to contact Ankia Joubert Art if you are interested in buying a particular artwork, or, if you would like to commission an art piece. As of 2017 prints will be made available of the original paintings.

I am a part time artist specialising in equine art. Since early childhood I had a fascination with these beautiful creatures. I started drawing and painting hor… See more

Original Oil Paintings, Commission Paintings, Mixed Media Art, Limited Edition Prints

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